LONE Bicycles launches the Parabellum:

A modular frame unique in the world

The idea of this unique bike comes from an observation: many consumers are looking for a bike to do everything
and the multiplication of '' standards '' makes the market and its reading more complex.
To address these issues, Lone Bicycles offers a revolutionary solution: a unique frame,
compatible with the 3 main models of wheels 27,5 ", 27,5 PLUS or 29" without changing the geometry of the bike.
It is also possible to adjust the length of the rear bases to 20 mm.
Depending on the shock used: standard/imperial or metric, the Parabellum develops 159 to 163 mm travel.
The frame (with all accessories like saddle collar, axle etc ...) is announced at 3.6 kilos.
For the passage of sheaths, Lone gives you the choice, internally or externally.
All designs and testing are done in France.
The frame is handmade in the best Taiwanese factories with a high quality of production and precise specifications.


A unique frame, compatible with the 3 main models of wheels 27,5 ", 27,5 PLUS or 29" 

without changing the geometry of the bike.




Tu souhaites tester un Lone Parabellum ?


Romain OLMOS


Phone: 06 32 57 93 95

Nous vous proposons sur rendez-vous de tester un montage Parabellum V2 , et avec la possibilité de choisir vos roues Full 27,5" , Full 29" ou Mullet , une personne vous accompagnera lors du test pour vous guider et conseiller sur les réglages 😉 

Les tests seront effectué sur Annecy .

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